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ADHD in Children and Exercise

Posted on Apr 7, 19

Does your child experience Attention Deficit Hyper Activity (ADHD) in home and school or is your child diagnosed with ADHD? If so, CrossFit Kids could be another avenue that can be explored in accordance with traditional interventions.  According to a study in 2015 by Dr. Betsy Hoza, professor of psychology at the University of Vermont, showed that “regular physical activity decreased the severity of ADHD symptoms and improved cognitive functioning in children has a lot of people talking about the future of exercise as a treatment for ADHD”. CrossFit Kids is constantly varied in the activities and movements. As a coach & social worker I am always mindful about putting myself in other peoples shoes. I tend to pay close attention to body language and if it appears that just one person is bored or losing focus I quickly activities and movements to constantly keep each individual on their toes.

Coach Kayla MSW, LSW

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