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Be Vulnerable!

Posted on Apr 1, 19

Here’s a big secret to health and fitness whether your trying to improve your fitness, be a better coach, or get a handstand pushup. Drum roll please… be more vulnerable! Thats right vulnerability will be the key to success towards your fitness goals. And if you started CrossFit or any fitness program that took tremendous courage and vulnerability! When we allow ourselves to become vulnerable we then realize were working towards progress and not perfection. It allows all our fears and insecurities to be out in the open. What makes that so powerful is we then have the chance to be seen, heard, and understood by our coaches, friends, and family. It gives us the power to be our true self embrace our flaws and knock down barriers holding us back from what we want. So when it comes time to work on those handstand pushups were not worried about “failing” but instead realizing we can learn from these failures and inch ourselves closer to our goals and become the best version of ourselves by not allowing fear to control us!

Coach Ryan

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