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Best Footwear for Squats

Posted on Apr 27, 21

We often get asked what type of shoe is best for squats. Some choices will depend on the individual and their mobility, but many can use the below advice to help in their shoe selection.


Features to look for in the type of shoe you wear for squats:


Raised Heal- This is one of the most important factors in improving squat depth and strength. The raised heal keeps you more upright while squatting deeper and also increases ankle mobility.


Dense Sole- You will have almost no compression under load so your power will be directly transferred into your lift. Running shoes are great for running but they will hinder your squat by absorbing your power.


Foot Stability- Your shoe should create adequate support for your entire foot (heel and around the feet). This provides a stable base to maximize power and prevent injuries. Many weightlifting shoes have the added strap for this reason.



Grippy Sole- This prevents slips, so your feet don’t accidentally slide during your lift.


Most of these features can be found in most weightlifting shoes but they can be a little more expensive than other types. Finding a shoe that has the elements you need most from the above will help you too. If you need suggestions ask a coach or the other members what they prefer!

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