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Best Way to Weigh In

Posted on Sep 29, 21

As we have all heard a hundred times using a scale alone to measure progress is not a great idea. It is very important to take measurements, photos, and take note of all non-scale victories.


You can create a better relationship with your scale if you use it to collect and compare data. You should not base your progress on your day to day reading. The scale will always fluctuate, when you think you are making progress the number will jump back up. This is ok!


Fluctuations are completely normal and for women they are guaranteed. Instead of weighing yourself weekly, try weighing yourself daily and then take the weekly average. Do this by adding together each weigh in Mon thru Sun and then divide by 7. You should be comparing your weekly average readings not you daily.


It is also best to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, after you have used the bathroom and naked. Do not weigh yourself after a workout or after you have eaten a heavy meal.


Most importantly remember the scale is just data!! It does not determine your self-worth.


Love yourself, your body and know that you are amazing.

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