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Change comes from within!

Posted on Mar 19, 19

Are you having troubles staying committed to your health and wellness success?
We all face this challenge. Here’s some ideas to help you succeed.
Know your why.  What are your goals and desires. What makes you excited.
Know your self control. You must know when you are spinning out of control so you can reel yourself back in.
Move with discipline. Discipline is freedom. You are what you repeatedly do. For example if you constantly snooze your alarm clock instead of getting up and starting your day, how do you think this corresponds to your self discipline? Build a habit, feed the positive to stay in the game.
Move with persistence. If you learned a lesson you didn’t fail. Win with persistence! Turn your failures into success. Always start with pointing the finger at yourself first. Instead of excuses look at what YOU can do different. No one can change our reaction, our dedication our motivation. It must come from inside!
YOU can create a healthy mind and body by using these ideas inside and outside the gym.

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