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Compound Movements

Posted on Jul 22, 21

A compound movement is a multi-joint movement. These movements (exercises) are very beneficial because of their ability to incorporate multiple muscle groups into a single lift. This means you get more work done in less time while doing these lifts.


Here are some compound movements that you see in our programming:

  • Horizontal Pull …Row
  • Horizontal Push… Bench Press
  • Vertical Pull… Pull Ups
  • Hinge… Deadlift
  • Vertical Press… Overhead Press
  • Lower Body Press.. Squats


No matter what your training goal is (lose weight, gain muscle, athletic performance) compound movements should be a huge factor in your training. They will give you the best results. Isolation lifts (single joint exercises) still give you some benefits so you shouldn’t completely give up on them. Think 80% compound 20% isolation.


Adding these to your routine will definitely maximize your results!


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