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Don’t Break the Chain

Posted on Mar 26, 19

You are what you repeatedly do! When trying to achieve a (pull up) or goal were after we create a daily actionable process to accomplish the goal of getting that first pull up. Example, I want a pull up (goal) in 6 months (time stamped) and I will attend class 3 days a week and spend 10 minutes after every class with a coach working on getting a pull up. (process) What happens next is critical! We have to hold ourselves accountable and not break the chain! After 21 days we will have created a habit and need to practice the daily discipline and understand that 10 minutes a day for 6 classes is equal to 1 hour of working on a pull up! That’s an entire CrossFit class in two weeks dedicated to your goal! Compounded over a month 2 hours.. And so on… you get the picture! At the end of 6 months over 10 hours dedicated to your goal. Create the habit express your goals and start the habit and don’t break the chain!

Coach Ryan

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