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Don’t Let Your Past Define Your Future

Posted on Oct 10, 21

Many of us let our past define who we are, whether it’s in the gym, in relationships or just in society. What has happened then does not determine who you are today or who you will be tomorrow.


Why do we allow this then?


It can usually be traced to low self-belief and that because we think that since we have done something one way, we always need to do it the same way.


Some can allow how they acted early on in their adult life determine how they act in their 30’s.40’s etc. Yet we are much more aware of life as we age.


As we age, we grow mentally. Change is inevitable, but in the “gym” growth is a forward movement we choose.


Your past isn’t your final definition. It is not who you are today.


Tomorrow will be defined by the story you start writing today.


-Remind yourself how much you have grown over time.

-Be intentional with your self-talk about what you will do today for your own personal growth to win at your goals.

-Reinforce your self-talk by taking action! Do the work you said you were going too.

-Even if you don’t feel it at first continue to reinforce the positive self-talk until you do!


Show up today and put the work in. Make choices independent of your past.


Choose the actions today that align with your goals of who you want to be tomorrow!!


We choose the challenge and growth in the gym do the same outside. Become the best version of you for you!



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