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Effective ways to measure fat loss.

Posted on Apr 23, 19


A lot of people rely on the scale to track fat loss but the scale is often guilty of not telling you the complete truth!  To some degree we all expect the scale to move as an indictor of fat loss. For some cases the scale can be a great tool but it’s not the indictor.  The scale can fluctuate daily which can cloud our emotions not allowing us to see the progress that we are making overall. Progress can come in many other forms, these forms are usually more significant than the scale in the grand scheme of your goals.

Here are other ways to effectively track your progress:

-Measurements. Loosing inches is just that.

-Take monthly progress picture. Watch your body composition change.

-You are changing your eating habits. Having lean protein at every meal.

-Your clothes are getting looser.

-Your workouts are improving. You are lifting more weight and/or getting faster.

-You where able to eat a doughnut or an item of your choice and NOT feel guilty about it. Balance is key!

-For the first time ever you have been consistent with your nutrition.

-You where able to go to an event or function and enjoy yourself without guilt. You didn’t punish yourself with extra cardio or starve yourself afterwards.

-You are maintaining a new weight.

Remember progress is key! The scale does not need to move to prove you are progressing. Be open-minded and look at the big picture. Give yourself credit. You are working hard and not giving up. Recognize your progress!!

Progress equals happiness. Keep going you got this!!

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