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Exercise Makes Us Happier

Posted on Apr 19, 21

Most of us already know the importance of daily physical activity, we also know that even the days we don’t want to “move” that our workouts leave us feeling amazing.



Physical activity improves our state of mind by:


Supporting Neurotransmitters. Exercise can boost the production of serotonin which helps regulate mood and some cognitive functions.


Boosts Endorphins. Exercise gives you a short-term burst of endorphins, which blocks pain and produces a “natural high”.


Reduces Inflammation. Many types of exercise can lower inflammation which can be a cause of depression.


Decrease Stress.  Exercise is a great antidote to stress which is linked to depression.


Regular exercise can positively impact your total health- mental, physical, emotional. It’s not about “looking” good it is about feeling good mentally, physically and emotionally!

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