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Exercises to Strengthen Your Elbow

Posted on Oct 30, 19

How many of us have suffered from elbow pain? I think most of us have experienced this at some level at one point in time. Our first response to pain is usually rest, ice then stretching. These are important but we also need to focus on adaptions. We need to develop the strength in the elbow so we use the muscles correctly in our lifts and to build tolerance.


Exercises to help with this are the following.


1- OH Dumbbell pronation/supination.

2- Bottoms up KB hold.

3- Farmers Walk

4- Spherical grip KB farmers walk.


All of these movements have a big focus on grip. A lot of the muscles that utilized in your grip originate in the elbow. Also strengthening your grip will also help you get stronger in most of the other movements we do in CrossFit. These are simple exercises that will not take up a lot of your time. As always reach out to a coach with any questions you might have. We love helping you become the best version of you!

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