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Gaining Weight Overnight

Posted on Jul 16, 21


We have all had the experience of stepping on the scale and seeing it up 2-3 pounds overnight. Even knowing that it is probably just water weight it can mess with your mind.


So, let’s go through some equations to help ease your mind.


  • In order to gain 3lbs of fat, you would need to eat about 10,500 calories more than you did the prior day. So if you are maintaining at 2000 calories that means you would need to eat 12,5000 calories the day prior.
  • 2- You would need to eat six days of food in a single day to really gain three pounds of fat. (it would normally take you six days to reach 12500 calories!)
  • It is highly unlikely that you ate that much in one day because your stomach wouldn’t handle it!
  • So it’s water weight BUT we still think a small amount might be fat?
  • For every 500 calories you’re on a surplus or deficit you are roughly adding or losing a total of .14lbs of fat.
  • So even if you ate 1000 calories above your maintenance that is about .28 lbs of fat.
  • This means when the scale says you are up 3lbs that 90% is simply water fluctuation.


It all comes down to calories in – calories out.



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