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Get rid of the scale!

Posted on Mar 25, 19

How do you track your body composition goals? How do you measure success?

So many people come to me looking to lose weight and/or to change the look of their body. They have a picture in their mind of a perfect body or a number that they want to see on the scale. Most of the time they are discouraged. I’ve been there so I get this. A lot of times we are striving for something unrealistic because we are so obsessed with just one or two outcomes. How about giving up on the pre conceived idea that in order to be a size 6 you must weigh 130 pounds or to drop body fat you must starve yourself and sacrifice you strength. I know its been said 1000 times and I here to say it again. Get rid of the scale! Stop obsessing over a number!  Open your eyes and look in the mirror. Take quarterly progress pictures and measurements. These are more realistic gages for your success. In my health and fitness journey I have put on 10- 12 pounds over three years. You want to know what else? My clothing size has not changed nor has there been a big change in my measurements. I am actually much stronger and healthier too.

Set new realistic goals for yourself. Track your progress. Get rid of the scale obsession. Find the balance so you succeed physically and mentally.

Coach Jenn


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