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Good Thoughts for the Day

Posted on Jul 19, 21

When things go wrong it can easily cause us to get stuck in a bad mood. This can spiral out and affect many aspects of our life for days. Also, when we feel bad about ourselves, we can act in ways that have repercussions that create a negative vibe that negatively influences our next few days. This can be with our health and nutrition, family or work, or just our own internal struggles. As much as it is important for us to “feel” our feelings we do not need to completely surrender to a dark mood or self-doubt. The more we simply allow and accept as only one part of the picture we can easily accept our light.


When you feel a bad mood coming on or you are plagued with negative thoughts take a few moments to acknowledge them. Then recognize that things CAN change and you CAN still have a good day, week etc. especially if you take the time to visualize this for yourself. This is how you learn to support yourself when you are working through challenging times and feelings. Visualizing good things for yourself is a way to send yourself love and encourage yourself to keep going.


So before get out of bed in the morning take the time to send positive thoughts and wished to yourself for the day and into the next morning. AS you get ready to embark on your day visualize where you are going, who you see and what you will be doing. Send love and positive thoughts ahead to yourself and to everyone you will encounter.


Just as the gym is a crucial part of your well-being so is your mindset and mental health. Set up your day in a positive way don’t let a bad mood or dark thoughts take your light away. Just as you can be physically strong you CAN gain mental strength!


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