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Grip on Rower

Posted on Jun 4, 21

“Grip the handle like you’re holding two birds”, a cue taken from Alica Clark from U Can Row 2.


This cue is addressing your grip on the rower’s handle. Ideally, you want to keep a loose grip on the handle using mostly your fingers. Using a loose grip allows you to engage your lats more on the pull.


When you have a strong grip on the handle you can be using more of your biceps and arms, instead of relying on the power from your leg drive. Also gripping the handle too tightly can cause forearm pain.  You want to also hold on to the outer edge of the handle so it will allow you to have a stronger and more comfortable finish position while keeping your knees in between your arms.


So, the next time you are on a rower imagine that you are holding two birds and see if it helps you row more efficiently.

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