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Posted on Mar 29, 19

You roll into class look at the board and see a nasty chipper on the board, all the things you hate, some movements you think you’re “bad” at. You start that inner monologue of excuses, approaching the end of the workout coach tells you “go to that place”. You keep tripping up your double unders and switch to singles and your coach immediately tells you “keep grinding on your dubs, get gritty!”

What?! You’re tired, frustrated, and honestly just want to pitch the rope across the room….don’t.

When you start to go from scaling to Rx movements it’s easy to slide back to what is “safe”. But that heavier dumbbell you grabbed, those dubs you took on, they felt good in the beginning, but now it’s time to dig deep. When your tired and it’s not going the way you planned. On the other side of that gritty finish is where you get better. You get mentally tougher, your body adapts and you get stronger. When it gets hard, you dig in and get gritty!

“No grit, no pearl”  – anonymous

Coach Alyssa

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