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Healthy and Quick

Posted on Mar 23, 19

Healthy and Quick is Possible!


Everyone is always on a time crunch. How many times have you heard or said “there aren’t enough hours in a day” this week? Our society has convinced us that a healthy meal and real food takes FOREVER! Not enough time in a day, grab McDonald’s, go to Wawa, Panera isn’t that bad. Most of us skip a healthy lunch because we think of that time crunch and then end up gorging dinner.

Real food may seem intimidating but may only be a short 15 minutes away! Keep some washed fruit, and salad greens in an easy to grab spot in the fridge (not hidden in the back to rot) along with some quick cooking or pre-cooked protein like hard boiled eggs, pre-portioned chicken or pre-cooked shrimp that can easily be thrown in a pan or in the oven for 20 minutes or less, while that’s cooking fix up your salad greens, snack on some fruit, grab your dressing and hit the ground running!

Coach Alyssa

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