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Overhead Squats

Posted on May 25, 21

Let’s take a moment to review this movement. It’s a complicated one that we don’t do often so we can get frustrated with it and might forget some key points.


Points of Performance:


Set Up-

Foot stance that allows full range of movement below parallel

Wide grip on the bar overhead

Active shoulders (elbows pointed down and armpits pointing forward)

Elbows locked out



Trunk and neck in a neutral position

Bar stays stacked (overhead) over the middle of the foot

Weight stays in the tripod of the foot (1st toe, pinky toe, heel)

Chest stays high

Knees stay in line with the toes

Reach full range of motion (below parallel)

Compete at full knee and hip extension with the bar (overhead, locked position) over the center of the foot


Hope this helps you to envision the lift the next time it comes up in programming!


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