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Practice vs Competition

Posted on Mar 31, 19

One of the coolest things about CrossFit is we get to compete while we work out each day. We get to compete against each other, but also ourselves. However, it is important to understand the goal of the day or what CrossFit likes to call the “intended stimulus”.


Some days, the goal is to see your max capacity on the Assault Bike. Other days it is to practice muscle ups. The key here is the intensity. Within competition, intensity should be very high. Within practice, intensity should be moderate and sustainable. Most days, practice takes precedent over competition. Practice your kipping motion, practice your work capacity on the assault bike (for example maintaining a specific RPM or Watt output),practice your barbell cycling during barbell intensive workouts. Do not try to 1RM, or go all out multiple days each week. Your body will adapt better and faster from practicing, rather than going all out/max effort during every workout.


Practice smart!


-Coach Robbie

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