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Press and Deadlift Set up

Posted on Jul 5, 21

“If it’s comfortable, It’s wrong” a coaching cue picked up from Coach Nick Delgadillo from Starting Strength.


What does this mean in the set up for the press and deadlift? When setting up for these two movements your body should be primed and ready. It should not be in a comfortable, lounging position.



Your body should be a strong column of support that is activated. Core, glutes, and quads. Elbows should be slightly in front of the bar. Hips engaged no slack in the core or spine.



Midline should be creating a wedge. Back should be big, lats flared, armpits squeezing oranges. You should also be creating tension through your hamstrings.


Remember if you can hang out in your starting position it’s wrong. It should not be comfortable!

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