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Protein. Do you get enough in your diet?

Posted on Mar 22, 19

Why protein matters! You here the coaches talk about protein and the amount of this macro- nutrient you are getting in your diet but do you know why we track this?

Our bodies are made up of protein. Everything from our muscles and bones to our skin, hair and nails. Also our brain, heart, liver, kidneys and lungs are built up from tissues made up of proteins.
Consuming the correct amount of protein is essential to a better functioning and healthier body. It also helps with the following:
– Increase lean muscle mass. Our muscles are built by protein. Consuming more protein allows us to gain and retain lean muscle mass even as we age.
– Speeds up recovery. Protein accelerates muscle recovery and tissue repair which helps reduce your risk of injury.
– Strengthens bones. Amino acids in proteins build bone and since proteins increase muscle mass there is also an associated increase in bone strength.
– Aids in fat loss. Protein keeps you fuller longer and can help you retain lean muscle even if you are in a caloric deficit.
Protein is essential to healthy and active body.  Are you getting enough?

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