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Remember Why You Started

Posted on Apr 21, 19

When you first embark on your health and fitness journey you have all the motivation and drive. You are focused nothing can seem to get in your way. Then weeks or months into it life starts to happen. Schedules change or get busy. Seasons change. It seems like there are 1000 things standing in you way. All the external factors start to add up and then you start to sacrifice you. Your time, your mental well being, your health. Now you feel like quitting. All the excuses start to show up as to why you should give up. This is the time that you need to remember WHY you started. Was it to improve your health? Was it to improve your mental state? Did you set a goal to compete in a race or an event? You embarked on this journey for a reason. Don’t loose sight of those reasons or goals. Yes it might be a struggle at times to find the balance but I can promise you that once you overcome the external factors that you are struggling with you will love yourself even more because you stayed true to you and your goals. So whenever life challenges you remember this is the most important time to remember why you started. Your most own your health both physically and mentally. No one else can do it for!

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