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Simple ways to improve rounded shoulders

Posted on Apr 29, 19



Today’s society spends a lot of time sitting at a desk, in front of a screen or in car. This leads to bad posture. Forward rounded shoulders can lead to fascial restrictions into the front pec muscles and can create posterior shoulder weakness. If we do not work to correct this we can develop abnormal mechanics that don’t support our body’s natural alignment. This can then lead to possible shoulder impingements and/or cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve creating numbness and weakness into shoulder, arm, hand and/or fingers).


The key to preventing this is to focus on some chest opening mobility. Here are some movements to start with:

-Hands clasped behind back (or grab elbows). Easy to do while at your desk throughout your day!

-Windmill with a strap or a band.

-Scorpion Pose (Bent & Straight arm)

-Snow Angels on Yoga mat

-Spine over Block


These are simple movements that will help improve your posture whether you are looking to improve your overhead movements or just to heal/prevent shoulder and neck pain.


Maintenance is key to staying healthy and active! Take care of your body you only get one!




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