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Slice of Humble Pie

Posted on Apr 4, 19

CrossFit open workout 18.2 and 18.2 A. 1-10 dumbbell squats and bar facing burpees directly into 1 rep max clean inside a 12 minute time cap. I finished the first part of the WOD proceeded to the barbell and struggled to get up in my mind a respectable weight (250lbs). I was crushed by the thought of not being able to do more. But really what happened my ego was crushed! How much time had I really spent working on my olympic lifts? Not enough to be frustrated! I haven’t earned the right to be frustrated with myself for something I hardly put time into.

Directly following that workout I signed up with a coach to learn the olympic lifts snatch and clean and jerk and at that point as a coach/athlete I realized that I needed to take a bite out of that delicious humble pie because the process to learn these lifts takes time! I learned the true meaning of patience and what real frustration looks like! As a result weights climbed as did my confidence! My advice next time we get frustrated on a movement is ask yourself do I have the right to be frustrated? Did I put in the hard work and time necessary? Have the slice of humble pie and trust the process.

Coach Ryan

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