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Snacks That are Calories Deficit Aproved

Posted on Jun 2, 21

Moderation is always key when it comes to long term sustainability with your nutrition goals but that doesn’t mean you can’t swap out some “snacks’ with a low-calorie alternative.


Here are some options that taste good and will also fit into your lower calorie plan:


Halo Top Ice Cream – 360 calories/19g protein

Chocolate Rice Cakes – 60 calories

Quest Protein Bars – 200 calories/ 20g protein

Baby Carrots – 35 calories per 100g

Fiber One Brownies – 70 calories

Protein Waffles – 350 calories/ 25g protein


All of these are good options and I’m sure you can find other alternatives too. Remember though moderation is key and you want to have the majority of your foods to come from whole sources.



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