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Starting CrossFit

Posted on Mar 20, 19

No one is asking you to go to the CrossFit Games…

Common misconceptions when it comes to CrossFit “I need to be in shape to start CrossFit and I don’t want to go to the CrossFit games”. The reality is 1 percent of the 1 percent will go the CrossFit games and the rest of us mere mortals will be nervously watching Matt Fraser overhead squat crazy amount of weight and then walk on his hands for what seems like a mile. Yes we do similar workouts those athlete do but by no means are we matching there intensity, load, or effort. These people have dedicated years of their life to the sport of CrossFit where the other 99% of us are just trying to accomplish some fitness goals and ward off chronic disease and meet some awesome people during the process!

“But I need to be in shape to start crossFit” Would you try and learn a musical instrument before taking lessons? Most likely not due the fact that we understand we create bad habits that are sometimes hard to shake! Same result in crossFit! CrossFit can be intimidating and like most things people take things too far.. That’s everywhere! Ever been golfing or play backyard football where it’s taken too far? No one is asking you to go to the CrossFit games but if you wanna try CrossFit and get a little healthier start today!

Coach Ryan

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