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Things That Don’t Define You

Posted on Apr 11, 21

We all have times that we struggle on our fitness journey. Doesn’t matter if you just started a month ago or have been on your path for years, there will be weeks that you are motivated and killing it. Then there will be weeks that you just want to hide, binge on Netflix and eat all the food.


Here are some things that DON’T define you:


The number on the scale for as easy as it is to become fixated on this it doesn’t define you!


The past. You could get upset that you didn’t start your journey earlier, there’s nothing wrong with starting now. Your starting point doesn’t define you!


Recent Slip Ups. Guess what we are human we ALL have them. Maybe you haven’t been on point with your nutrition for a bit, maybe you’re beating yourself up for not crushing it every week. It’s OK! Being human and having slip ups doesn’t define you!


Your past. Do you sometimes think about how things could be different if you could go back in time and change history? Well, you can’t do that all you can do is focus on the present and the now. Your past DOES NOT define you!


All of our experiences in life help us learn more about ourselves each and every day. Experience is truly a great teacher.


Don’t get frustrated that you don’t have it all figures out. No one does! We are all navigating through our fast-paced lives one day at a time.


The most important thing to remember is to be kind to yourself. Celebrate ALL the victories even the small ones. Don’t dwell on defeat.


Give it ALL you got. Your future self will thank you for not giving up!!



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