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Three ways to overcome fear in Weightlifting.

Posted on Apr 16, 19

Anxiety. The feeling we get when we step up to a heavy bar. Sometimes its not even the weight on the bar it can also be just the movement. It affects each of us differently but we can all relate.


Athletes new and seasoned face this. It can be what if I hit myself in the face, what if I don’t do it correctly or even what if I miss? Both physical and mental fear can hold us back.


Here are some of the most common signs we face.


Uncertainty – Doubt- Nervousness- Worry


Here’s some ways help overcome this fear.


1- Know how to miss. It’s very important that as an athlete knows how to miss! This makes you more comfortable and let’s you feel more secure knowing it is ok to miss a lift.


2 – Breakdown the movement. An example here would be a Snatch Balance. Since going overhead with a barbell can be intimidating the more you practice the more confidence you will build. Breaking can the exercise also helps with the technical aspects of the lifts.


3- Repetition. There is nothing more true than the more you practice the better you will get. You have to put in the reps and face the fear. The more you do this the more the fear will subside or you will at least be able to tune it out.


As with anything else weightlifting requires YOU to work on your mental game. Be aware of it. Think about the thoughts that run through your head when you approach a heavy bar. What differs from when the weight is light? Become actively aware of your thoughts process and then work on changing that pattern. Be patient this will take time but building a stronger mind will also build a stronger body. Fear in weightlifting is normal. It doesn’t go away you just learn how to work through it!

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