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Tips to Solving Movement Issues

Posted on Oct 7, 21

If you have an issue with a specific movement in the gym this breakdown could help you figure it out.


Let’s use depth in a squat as an example.


1st– Mobility. Can you place yourself in the correct squat position? Start with squatting to a box that gives you the correct depth and position.  If you can’t achieve this, then mobility should be addressed prior to adding weight.


2nd-Skill. Once mobility has been improved you can then start to develop the skill of learning the movement pattern to get in and out of the correct position without any assistance. As with any skill this will improve with repetition.


3rd-Strength. Once you have developed mobility and skill then you can safely start adding weight to the movement.


As always patience is key and throughout your workout cycles you might to need re-visit this again and again to correct an issue or to come back from a set-back. That’s ok! We are always learning adapting!

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