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Towel Between the Feet

Posted on Jul 12, 21

Many have heard the cue “Towel between the feet” used in class but let’s do a little reminder of when it is used.


This cue is used for the hollow and tight arch positions (hanging -pullups, support, rocks, handstands etc.). It can also serve as an actual drill too meaning that you practice the movement with a towel between your feet.


Imaging holding a towel between your feet (or actually doing it) will help you keep your legs together and your toes pointed during the arch/hollow positions.


When your legs are zipped together, and your toes are pointed you activate muscles throughout your entire lower body. This allows your body to work together as a single lever which will create more efficient power. So you will be in a stronger position while doing the movements listed above.


Hope this helped you out!!

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