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Weightlifting 101: Form and Technique

Posted on Mar 1, 17

Who is Coach Shaun:

Get to know your Weightlifting 101 Coach for Bethlehem, PA. Hi, my name is Shaun Washburn. I am a 39 year old proud father and step father to 6 children. a husband, tattoo artist, Body Piercer Active USAW Master’s Athlete, USAW Sports Performance Coach & USAW Certified Judge/ Referee.

I wanted to bring a weightlifting 101 class to CrossFit Adoration in Bethlehem, PA which would allow our community to take a step back from the WOD’s in order to focus more on the fundamentals of form and technique in the snatch & clean & jerk. We need these skills in order to perform more proficiently during many of our workouts and reduce the probability of injury.

Weightlifting101 Bethlehem PA Shaun Washburn USAW Coach CrossFit Adoration

In this weightlifting 101 class we will be focusing on the break down of each of these lifting techniques. You will begin to notice improvements with an understanding of what to do versus what you’ve been doing. This will help in appreciating your journey and support a sense of pride for all your hard work and efforts. You will have the  opportunity to tap into your self-awareness in order to help resolve any issues you might be having while understanding why it happened. To know your weaknesses as well as your strengths is extremely important in order to know your boundaries. It’s the difference between making the time for your passion while pushing yourself productively with care and simply just doing whatever your doing just to do it without concern.

Here are some key points we will be touching on in each Weightlifting 101 class:

  • Warming up before lifting
  • Skill work and technique with PVC or empty bar
  • Healthy mental state for optimal productivity
  • Approaching the bar
  • Personalized check list in order to engage all muscle groups before lift off
  • Breathing : How to, where to, when to and when it’s safe to exhale
  • Performing each lift from each of it’s various stages
  • How to pick out what to fix and order of importance.
  • Having fun and how to make small steps each day toward YOUR goals
  • Making time to correct old patterns even while outside of the gym
  • Have patience with yourself & your weaknesses, Rome wasn’t built in a day
  • Being present and aware in the moment in order to appreciate every effort


Remember, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ~ The Lorax – Dr. Seuss











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