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What does “Healthy & Fit” look like to you?

Posted on Mar 16, 19

What is your concept of being healthy and fit? Is it well rounded or does it just focus on one aspect?

Our idea of living a healthy lifestyle is well rounded. Our goal is to live a longer healthier life, not just look good but feel good both physically and mentally. Sometimes the best looking bodies are the unhealthiest. We focus on the mind, body, nutrition and fitness. This is the perfect prescription to keep you active longer.
Proper nutrition is essential to fueling your body.  Without this you will not have the energy to perform to your best ability or even the mindset to proper focus.
 Mobility is key to moving in a fluent manner for longer. With the proper mobility you will less at risk for injury.
 A fitness regimen that is adaptable to your goals. We all know that exercise helps relieve stress, keeps up stronger and also helps reduce the risk of being over weight and many other health issues.
Meditation keeps our mind healthy. This also reduces stress and also allows us to develop a better relationship with ourself. In order to be physically healthy we must have a healthy mind and thought process.
Focusing on all these factors create a healthier version of you! Remember it is never too late to start create the life you want to live!

Mission Statement: Adoration Fitness will build a healthy, strong and supportive environment which will continually strive for the true spirit of fitness and competition, in a results based, family atmosphere.