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Why do we need a strong core?

Posted on Apr 26, 19



Sure everyone dreams about having those 6 pack abs but doing all the crunches will not bring out those abs and is not a indicator of a strong core. All it says is that you have a low body fat percentage.


Having core strength is when your transverse abdominis and oblique muscles with several other muscle groups stabilize your spine. This is important for everything you do, from daily life to lifting weights and sports performance. A strong core also helps prevent back injury and pain.


Developing your core strength will make you stronger in weightlifting. You will

Have more efficient breathing and will also improve your sports, endurance performance. Posture will improve and you will also help increase injury prevention. Point blank you will just be overall stronger!


So if you ever wondered why we talk about and focus on core strength now you know. It’s essential to living a healthier longer more active life!

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