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Why your kids should do CrossFit

Posted on Apr 17, 19



There are quite a few of us that love CrossFit. We love the emotional release it provides, the fitness, the community, the mental strength it builds and that we always are challenging ourselves. Being a parent that has reaped these benefits it would just seem natural to want my children to get involved too. Following are some of the motivating factors why most our parents get their children involved in CrossFit.


Confidence- The children know they are accomplishing something by being active. They will see improvements in their movements, skills and speed. They also receive positive feedback from the coaches and peers.


Respect – CrossFit Coaches look for respect from both the kids and adults. This will transfer outside the gym too.


Discipline – The classes are well structured to keep the kids safe and the flow of the class moving. This helps them develop self -discipline.


Better School Performance – There are multiple studies that show that exercise is beneficial for school aged children. It has also been proven that after a workout children can focus more on their studies and retain more information.


Athletic Performance – It is amazing to see how your kids can develop when they challenge themselves. Being taught proper movement patterns at an early age not only develops coordination but also strength and proper muscle development. They will learn how to move their body safely which will help keep them injury free.


The Bond – As our kids get older its easy to lose touch with them. CrossFit is a great way to have something in common with them as they get older. There’s nothing better than going to the gym and working out with your kids!


Camaraderie – The culture of CrossFit extends to the kids classes. The workout is not done until the last person is finished. No one is left behind. Every child is met with the same acceptance!


Health and Fitness is something you can do as a family. Staying active and involved with your kids. Start them out young! Building strong families!

Mission Statement: Adoration Fitness will build a healthy, strong and supportive environment which will continually strive for the true spirit of fitness and competition, in a results based, family atmosphere.