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Women and Weights

Posted on Apr 11, 19

Research has given us many reasons why women should lift weights, yet plenty of women still walk away from this statement with a mixture of excuses, bad experiences or just saying no it is not for me.

Some questions I’d ask these women are have you actually really given it a chance. Followed a program consistently for longer than a month?  Pushed yourself to lift more to see what you really are capable? Felt the overwhelming pride when you can lift something you never thought you could? Seem the unbelievable and unexpected changes that occur in the body over a ling period of time? Read the piles of research that shows that lifting weights can make more than your muscles stronger? How it boosts your self-esteem, improves your mind function and your life spam a long with many other incredible health benefits.

I want tell you countless stories of how women changed their life by following a some sort of strength program and there’s tons of research to back it up.  Let’s face it though, research and success stories alone never seam to be enough to get people to implement healthy changes in their lives. But do you know what does? Living and seeing those changes in YOUR everyday life.

So when you are ready to change your mind, body and spirit give lifting a try. You will not only amaze yourself but you will also find a great group of women to encourage you because they too have changed their lives for the better. It is never too late to become the best version of YOU!

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