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Posted on Mar 24, 19

Crossfit Adoration – CrossFit


Metcon (No Measure)

A. Box Shoulder Stretch 4x 0:20, r30s b/w

B. 3x 0:30 on/0:30 off Hollow Hold on Back

C. 3×6 Arch to Hollow Swing on Bar, Pause between each swing

D. 3 Attempts at AMSAP L-Hang Hold
This is the beginning of a new cycle. We will be breaking down and focusing on gymnastic body positions, gymnastic endurance, and virtuosity. Look out for skills and drills videos on facebook!


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

24 Minute E90sOM:

1:Ski/Bike/Row for calories @ 80%

2: AMRAP 5 feet double KB/DB OH Waiters carry 70/53 per hand
Score for the workout is total calories and total 5 foot increments.

Mission Statement: Adoration Fitness will build a healthy, strong and supportive environment which will continually strive for the true spirit of fitness and competition, in a results based, family atmosphere.