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Posted on Jul 1, 19

Crossfit Adoration – CrossFit


Metcon (Calories)

For 2 scores Range of Calories per round (Lower is Better)

Average of Scores (Higher is better)

Bike 20 rounds for max calories. Work :30 / Rest :30.
Hi. I know you hate the Assault Bike. That’s why you need to put on a happy face and just go for it. This measures your max aerobic power output so do not dog the first few rounds to keep your range low. GO HAM. It is part of the test to see what your range falls to going as hard as you can. Everyone’s will go down significantly.

Mission Statement: Adoration Fitness will build a healthy, strong and supportive environment which will continually strive for the true spirit of fitness and competition, in a results based, family atmosphere.