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Posted on Jul 2, 19

Crossfit Adoration – CrossFit


Metcon (Weight)


3 Overhead Squats

(BB must be snatched from ground)
For the E90s, you only need to complete 1 snatch but it can count as the first OHS. If you power snatch, you must ride it down to below parallel for it to count.


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

150 WBs (20/10)

(Everytime you break, complete 4 Burpees and a cartwheel)
Push yourself to see if you can go as close to UB as possible, back away from the wall when doing your burpees so nobody steps on you or an errant WB doesn’t hit you on its way down. Also try to do a cartwheel because it’s fun. “Resting” will be defined as the ball hitting the ground or stopping movement for 2+ seconds. No hanging in the squat or leaning against the wall.

I’ve attached a video of progressions and such

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