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Posted on Dec 6, 18

Crossfit Adoration – CrossFit



Pick 2 or 3 skills to work on for :30-:45s at a time for 15 mins

Transition Strength: 2-3 Leg/Band Assisted Low Ring Transitions with a 3 second pause in a deep dip at the finish of the transition

Stability: 5-10 Second Top and Bottom Ring Supports. Be sure to squeeze the rings in close to the body and use toes on floor as needed.

Pulling/False Grip Strength: 2-3 False Grip Ring Pull-Ups + 10 Second False Grip Hang

Transition Skill/Stability: Jumping Muscle-Ups with a 3 second pause in a deep dip in the finish of the transition before pressing out the dip.


Metcon (Time)


ohs (75/55)



12 front rack reverse lunge (95/65)

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