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Are You Recovering Enough?

Posted on Sep 2, 21

Here are some signs that you are not getting enough recovery time:

-You feel sore ALL the time.  It’s normal to be sore for 1-2 days or after starting a new program but it should not be all the time.

-You are restless at night. When you are training hard and cannot sleep it will make your training even harder. You’ll feel slow and sluggish.

-You don’t feel like working out and that feeling doesn’t subside and even gets worse once you start working out. Your energy doesn’t get replenished, and you feel even more fatigued.

-Progress has stopped. It is normal for your progress to slow down but if you stay at the same place or go backwards then this should be addressed.

-You get sick more frequently.

-There is a change in your heart rate. You see a noticeable change while exercising and at rest.


Over training is simply too much training and not enough recovery. Your body needs time to adapt and get stronger. Sometimes doing less more efficiently is better.  Look at your nutrition and your sleep. You work hard and do not want to be putting all that hard work in at the gym for no reason!



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