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Best Anti-Aging Foods

Posted on Sep 15, 21

Strawberries- Strawberries are filled with a lot of vitamin C which helps slow down wrinkles. Vitamin C builds collagen which helps rebuild and keep skin smooth.


Fish- Fish is an amazing anti- aging food because of its long-chain omega 3 content. These healthy fats are beneficial against heart disease, inflammation, and ulcerative colitis, along with many other diseases. Studies show that they also protect against inflammation and the damage that occurs from sun exposure.


Nuts- Many nuts (especially almonds) are a great source of vitamin E, which help repair skin tissue, retain skin moisture, and protects the skin from damaging UV rays. Walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids that can help strengthen skin membranes, reduce inflammation, protect against skin damage, and gives skin a beautiful glow by preserving its natural oil.


Avocado- Avocados are high in inflammation- fighting fatty acids that promote smooth, supple skin. They also contain a variety of essential nutrients that can help prevent the negative effects of aging including vitamins K,C,E and A, B vitamins and potassium.


The high content of vitamin A in avocados can also help shed dead skin cells, leaving your skin glowing if you consume them regularly. Their carotenoid content assists in blocking toxins as well as damage from the sun’s rays.


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