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CrossFit Open Take 2

Posted on Oct 6, 19

It’s that time of year again well actually it’s been 6 months..  The CrossFit open now starting in October brings us another opportunity this year to test are fitness. A lot of people ask why should I do the open? or say I’m not ready to do it and here are some great reasons to head to CrossFit games website and sign up!

1. All Fitness levels can do it! That’s right as sadistic Mr Dave Castro can be sometimes with the Rx wods they all come with appropriate scales for every level!

2. Train your competitive spirit. We are all competitive in our own different ways and varying degrees. You can see where you have improved from year to year. Or you can see how good that guy named Fraser really is… by the way he’s really good…

3. It’s fun! You get to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You will witness your peers accomplish goals or conquer their weakness! Maybe even surprise yourself finishing a workout doing your first rx workout or getting a muscle up. Your not alone and thousands will be doing it sign up today you won’t regret it!

Coach Ryan

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