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Thurs 2-26-15

Posted on Feb 25, 15

Warm up:

3 times not for time

rower sprint start & “power 10”

10 strict press (empty bar)

8 push press (slightly heavier)

6 push jerks (slightly heavier than push press)

* do not exceed weight for WOD



Every 8 mins for 24 mins

1000m row

20 Burpees over the rower

20 push press (115/75)

*note the amount of time it took to finish each set, record the slowest

* try to leave atleast 1:30-1:00 for recovery between efforts


Option 2:

Tomorrow starst the Open!! Rest day or if you must, active recovery day. Bike or row for no longer than 30 mins at a very easy pace (should be able to hold a conversation). Followed by 30mins mobility.

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