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Thurs 3-12-15

Posted on Mar 11, 15

Warm up:

5 x 60 second rounds of :

“Farmers and Lumberjacks”

– using cones or ab mats, athletes will run around for 60 seconds either tipping cones over (lumberjacks) or picking cones up (farners). At the end of each round there will be a burpees penatly for each team. Farmers will do burpees for any cones down, lumber jacks will do burpees for any cones up.



15 min to find 3 rep max strict press

At 15 min mark perform:


S2oh @ 3rm strict press weight

Strict knees to elbows


After Party:

spend time practicing handstand holds (nose and toes, freestanding) or handstand walking

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