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Tues 6-16-15

Posted on Jun 15, 15

Warm Up

3 Rounds

20 med ball chest passes to partner ( 10 each)

20 med ball bounce passes to partner (10 each)

45 secs hanging from a bar (single arm, two arm, active, inactive, supine grip, pronated grip)



4 Rounds

60 sec max du’s

12 push press (95/65)

12 c2b

– rest 2 mins

* score is total du’s


After Party

3  rounds (not for time)

15 push ups (do as plyo push ups to plates if 15 is easy)

15 ring rows (add 2 sec pause at top if 15 is easy)

Mission Statement: Adoration Fitness will build a healthy, strong and supportive environment which will continually strive for the true spirit of fitness and competition, in a results based, family atmosphere.