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Why Carbs DO NOT Make You “Fat”

Posted on Sep 10, 21

Did you know that carbohydrates are good for fat loss?  When you live an active lifestyle and want to speed up your fat loss goals, carbs are the answer!


Here’s how:


-The thyroid helps govern your metabolism- carbs actually stimulate your metabolism. When someone eats too little for too long, their metabolic rate can slow down, resulting in less calories being burned in a 24 hour period. This is why higher carb day can be helpful after a prolonged time of consistent, moderate intake. The lower your daily carb intake the harder it will be to lose fat once you hit a plateau, and at some point you will hit a plateau.


-Carbs are your body’s most accessible fuel source. They help you train harder, faster and longer. During intense workouts, higher calorie expenditure is achieved and during post workout your body will continue to burn calories because of the post exercise oxygen deficit you created. Essentially the harder you train the longer your body will burn calories once your workout is done.


-Consistency is the best fat loss secret. When discussing long term sustainable goals with nutrition, consistency destroys low carb diets as far as effectiveness is concerned. When you follow a consistent plan that focuses on healthy eating, portion control and promotes sustainable eating habits you will be setting yourself up for success.


Carbohydrates are the most palatable food group for most, so having then in your diet makes life easier and more enjoyable.


When something is easier and enjoyable, consistency is easier to attain. Consistency ang balance will have you reaching your goals.

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